{nursery resources} where have all the {ikea} cribs gone?

As a great resource for design and affordability, I often turn to IKEA for fabulous pieces (including cribs) to compliment a nursery or inspiration board. In their 2012 catalog they feature a brand new design just as style-savvy as the rest. However – you may run into a problem if you go looking for it. (New Sundvik crib pictured below)

In fact – you may run into a bit of an obstacle if you are hoping to complete your nursery with ANY Ikea crib purchase at the moment. It appears that all IKEA cribs have been temporarily removed from the US market both online and in stores; the decision involving new crib safety regulations which went into effect June 28th.

According to an Ikea spokesperson:

We’ve temporarily stopped sales of our cribs in IKEA US while we make certain they are fully compliant with the most recent safety regulations implemented by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission(CPSC). If you bought a crib at IKEA before the new CPSC rules from 6/28, it is safe to use. You can also read about the new rules at the CPSC website. IKEA US apologizes for any inconvenience. (via ohdeedoh)

Having used IKEA cribs in a number of nursery inspiration posts, I hope I can bring you the good news that they are back on the market soon! In the meantime, we’ll be sharing other great resources for stylish and affordable cribs.

A couple of my past favorites using cribs from ikea, both from my week-long (on-going, really) love affair with navy blue: nautical navy & pink and navy & yellow.

Check back in just a couple of hours for a fantastic GIVEAWAY c/o Ground Swell (and if you haven’t seen their sweet adoption story, learn more here)…


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